What to wear a tennis skirt with

We tell you how to go off the court and create stylish looks by combining a skirt with different tops and shoes

After a surge in popularity in the summer of 2020, tennis skirts have firmly established themselves in the everyday closet. What’s the secret to this excitement? Tennis skirts are incredibly comfortable, do not constrain movement and have an attractive design, which, with the right approach, will help to emphasize the figure. No wonder that with such characteristics the model quickly found its fans outside the tennis courts.

Over the years, the classic white model with a high waist, mini length and straight pleats has undergone many changes. Modern variants differ in height of fit, color and design elements, offering a variety of variations based on the original.

What to wear a tennis skirt in hot weather

With a polo shirt

Tennis skirt combined with polo is one of the most successful combinations, which allows you to create a classic sporty image. To make it stylish, complement it with laconic accessories, such as sunglasses, belted bag or cap. Perfect sneakers or sneakers as footwear.

With a cropped top

You can achieve a spectacular image with a crop top, which is ideal for walks and active rest in the exhausting heat. Complete the image with heelless sandals, sneakers or sneakers, add a little romance in the form of a hat and sunglasses and go for a cool drink on your favorite veranda or for a walk in the park.

With a t-shirt or top

Basic T-shirts and tops are in every girl’s closet. They perfectly combine with almost all articles of clothing, so they will perfectly suit for a tennis skirt. In this case you will have a casual look, which can be completed with a shopper or a voluminous bag. For a more interesting effect you can leave the top over the skirt. As for shoes, we suggest choosing sneakers or sneakers.

What to wear a tennis skirt on cooler days

With a hoodie or a hoodie

A sweatshirt or hoodie with a free cut will perfectly balance a tennis skirt of light fabric. If the skirt is made in a classic white color, with the top you can experiment, creating unusual color compositions. To make the image even more interesting, you can wear a polo shirt under the hoodie, and the final accent would be sneakers or sneakers and an abundance of jewelry.

With voluminous sweater

Another great way to try different color combinations is to complement the skirt with a voluminous sweater. You’ll get a more elegant image compared to a hoodie or a sweatshirt, which is ideal for a walk on a chilly day. As for footwear, we advise to look more closely to the sneakers or sneakers.

With a bomber

The combination of a bomber and a tennis skirt is a story about combining the incongruous. The image turns out comfortable and stylish at the same time. For a greater effect add to it high boots on lace-up with a massive sole.

What else you can wear with a tennis skirt:

  • A voluminous sweatshirt;
  • an olimpic;
  • A long-sleeved shirt;
  • turtleneck;
  • long jacket.

Any of the chosen combinations you can complement with a pair of shoes according to your preferences. They can be elegant pumps, high boots or massive ugly sneakers. Do not be afraid to experiment, after all, the warm season is the perfect time for bold decisions and daring images!