Features of tennis betting

Tennis is the second most popular sport for betting at the betting shops. The first place is occupied by football. Bets on tennis are very popular due to the fact that tennis matches are much more dynamic than many sports and the change of unpredictable events takes place here many times more often. Fans of tennis betting don’t want to wait for a goal or a dropped ball to be scored in the course of a match, they bet on the winners of games and sets as the match progresses. That is the reason why the volume of tennis bets is sometimes even higher than football bets.

The biggest advantage of tennis sports betting is that the game usually depends on just one player, rarely two. In team sports, six or more players are responsible for the game, and it is difficult to keep track of all the players. In tennis, this risk is much lower because each tennis player plays for himself. However, in order to bet on tennis and win, it is important to know what tennis betting strategies can help, and most importantly, where to place your bets.

Where to bet?

They say that time is money. In today’s world, this is indeed true. However, it is not only the time frame that can affect a person’s earnings. With the advent of online casinos, players began to make steady profits using top-notch slots. Excellent storylines with a huge selection of locations will not only allow you to rip a huge sum, but also to enjoy the incredible atmosphere.

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Official website and registration

The official website of such a casino is a business card that demonstrates to the participants all the possibilities of this club. In a few seconds, gamblers can get all the necessary information about the casino, its advantages, the number of slots and other features. On the main page, players can find the latest news, a ticker, a rating table and other information that can turn the game into a competition.

Anyone can register at any time. In order to do that, you have to go to the corresponding section, give your e-mail address or phone number, wait for the reply letter or code, and then complete the process. Then, in the personal cabinet members can fill in all other information, including their game nickname. Owners of registered accounts have great advantages over those who use a guest login. The best online casinos differ from trivial gambling offerings even by the form of registration.

Tournaments, promotions and jackpots, sports betting

Various competitions and tournaments are a distinctive feature of the top casinos. Here, special events are held every week. Millions of participants come to compete in them. There are valuable prizes and colossal winnings waiting for those who are willing to take a chance and fight for the right to hold the title of honour. Players are notified of tournaments in advance by the institution’s administrators.

Promotions are just as much in demand on the platforms. This is a great opportunity to get a series of free freespins or access to exclusive slots in a matter of minutes. Members receive not just single gifts, but entire sets that include a full set of bonuses.

Bookmakers with a casino section offer customers the following benefits:

  • Managing a single account for different types of entertainment.
  • Using a single balance for sports betting and slot machines. One deposit will be suitable for both types of entertainment.
  • The ability to simultaneously watch sports broadcasts and spin the reels in the machines.

How to bet on tennis: training and tactics

Asking the average sports fan what the most popular sport is, the vast majority will unanimously answer: “Football”. However, armies of fans of other sports number in the tens and sometimes hundreds of millions. And the first thing worth mentioning is tennis, which is often at the top of the list in terms of revenues.

Types of tennis betting

The popularity of tennis predictions among bettors is also due to the fact that sensational results here are far from rare. The tennis world is constantly discussing the incredible sinking of the leaders or the victories of the dark horses, and sensationalism is an opportunity to hit the “big time”.

The key types of tennis betting are:

  • The outcome of the game. The traditional and familiar P1 or P2 – there can be no draw in tennis. Often there is a 3 or 4 hour contest to see who wins.
  • Game or set totals. It is easier with sets: there are three sets maximum in women tournaments, and up to five games in some men’s tournaments. With games it is more complicated, so to predict the number more or less is possible for professional packers that study statistics thoroughly. Apart from total totals, we also offer individual bets.
  • Goalies. If the difference in class between the opponents is notable, the handicappers like to bet with plus or minus handicaps.
  • Correct score. In contrast to football and many other sports, guessing the exact score in tennis is easier, especially if the competition involves a maximum of three games (the number of options comes down to four).
  • Passing bets. Popular for major tournaments – for example, stages of the Grand Slam. Bookmakers take bets on which player will pass to the next round of the competition.

Game Betting Strategies

Experts recommend using the strategy for experienced poker players – the methodology is a variation of the popular add-ons. Each game is served by the players in turn, with one player serving one game, then his opponent, etc. The strategy implies betting that the server will win his serve, and it is necessary to choose a nominal outsider. There should not be a huge difference in class in the pair.

Set betting strategy

The strategy is used for online betting, choosing opponents of equal strength. Be sure to take into account the form of a tennis player, and not be guided solely by the position in the table. The strategy implies the following conditions:

  • The difference in the odds of the opponents does not exceed 0.60 before the start of the meeting.
  • The first player wins in the course of the first set, the bookmakers offer quotations in the range 1.15-1.20 for an overall victory. The bookmaker bets on the opponent, the odds on which are increased.
  • In case of equal scores in sets, the rates even out again, and the bettor bets on the second player, but from another account. The result is that the player is in the black at all odds.

Betting strategy on a favourite

This strategy requires confrontation, where the obvious favorite faces an outsider. The bookies give odds between 1.45 and 1.65 on the favourite. Professional privateers often combine the selected strategy with the popular long-loss strategy to stay in the black in case of misfires.

Betting Strategies 40 40

In a game, the score goes as follows: 15, 30, 40, win the game. But when the score is 40-40, the game switches to more-or-less mode. If a trader bets in live mode, it is possible to consider the variant, that the score in a game will be fixed as 40:40, but the following conditions need to be considered:

Betting on the first point

The essence of the technique is to predict, in whose asset the first ball in the game will be recorded. The handler studies the statistics of the serving and receiving players and, on the basis of the data obtained, chooses who to bet on. This method can be combined with a hand-to-hand strategy (risky) or a staircase strategy (minimal risk).

Odds betting

Multi bets can be formed on tennis games, where the odds are multiplied and the potential payout rises sharply. However, the bettor will need to perform an in-depth analysis of the opponents to be sure of two or more outcomes. Odds can be formed in a single match – for example, betting on a player to win, then on a negative handicap and a game total of fewer games.

Betting on the exact score

The strategy has two possible outcomes. If the clear favourite and the underdog meet, the bettor bets on a 2-0 or 3-0 score, but the odds must exceed 1.50. If the contestant is a favourite and the opponent can give a good fight, the bettor opts for a 2:1 victory for the favourite (only three-set matches are suitable for this bet). Experts recommend to bet on the exact score 3-5% of the total bankroll.

Bets on plum

Specialists note that a number of tennis matches look like a betting deal. They take place at small tournaments, for which the winner receives 250 points. The scheme of the game is the same: the opponent wins the first set by a good margin, the odds on his victory at the end of two sets drops, and in the end the second game is a loser. Some tennis players have even been punished with a disqualification for such shenanigans, but they rarely break open.

Betting on totals

Totals are among the most popular bets in general, and tennis is no exception. Players bet on games, and to correctly calculate a prediction, it is worth arming yourself with statistics and knowing approximately the form of your opponents. According to sports analysts, an average three-set match consists of 22 games, and a five-set match consists of 36 games. This is a good starting point. However, there are games in which the tennis players look confident on their serve, even too confident.

The Shchukin strategy

Betting on the Schukin strategy should be based on the break points won, and the odds of winning another player’s serve should exceed the index of 3.00. Bets should be placed on Oppositions where there is no clear favourite. Choose men’s or doubles matches. The strategy of increasing the bet in case of a loss is similar to the Martingale methodology. A handler makes a bet and doubles it in case of failure. Then increases by the original amount each time he loses.

  • Choose games on the women’s tour, as men tennis players do not often draw games to an even score.
  • Quotes for such a score should range between 1.70 and 2.30.
  • The best option is to bet on games played on clay. Clay slows down the speed of the ball, so rallies are often long.
  • In the first games of a game, study the statistics. If no such score is recorded, choose this line outcome in the following games.
  • Combine the 40 40 method with a Martingale strategy to end up in the black.

Mathematical tennis betting strategies

Mathematical strategies imply planning bets so that the outcome is a winner for the handicapper. The calculations are based on the Martingale strategy, but there are modified variations, which include the Fibonacci index methodology, the Danish strategy, etc.

In-play tennis betting

Generally, experts recommend making all bets in real time, with the necessity for the trader to independently watch the video broadcast and determine the possible course of events. This approach allows you to react to any changes in the quotes, game situations on the court, and vary strategies and outcomes.

At which bookmakers to bet on tennis?

All top bookmakers offer bets on tennis events. The difference lies in the number of outcomes in the line and the margin. The more outcomes the bookmaker offers, the more opportunities the professional poker player has to choose a suitable strategy. Also, bettors should choose the bookmakers with the lowest margins in order to be in the black.